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A good bit of classic Abba to end our busy week of allocations, offers and enquiries. Firstly, the Accommodation Office would like to wish those of you who achieved the right results yesterday, a massive CONGRATULATIONS. We are so excited to be meeting all of you from September.

Those of you who are applying to the University of Exeter as an insurance place and are thinking about your accommodation for 2014/15, our advice to you is to definitely make an accommodation application as soon as your offer with the University becomes firm.

We are unable to guarantee that we will be able to offer you university accommodation but it is certainly advised to put forward an application. We will then keep you updated about your accommodation options.

Private sector accommodation is also available within Exeter through search engines such as Studentpad (maintained by us) or accommodation for students.

Now on to our Baketition, we had the first entry made for us by Kerry of the Coms Team. Upon asking Kerry what her brownies were called, thinking she might say “Kerry’s super-duper chocolate treats” or something, she turned to me and said “Brian”. So the below picture shows off Kerry’s ‘Brian’ Brownies rather well. They were yummy! Thanks Kerry.

Accommodation Catherine

The 'Brian' Brownies

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