Bank holiday comes six times a year…

Days of enjoyment to which everyone cheers. Thanks to Blur and their song ‘Bank Holiday‘ for today’s song inspired blog title. I was clutching at straws today for a title and had to Google “songs about the bank holiday”, it worked though!

Within the Comms Team, we have been receiving a number of telephone calls from students who applied before the accommodation guarantee deadline of 31 July 2014 and have yet to receive an offer. Please do not worry if you have not yet heard, we have over 5,500 students to allocate with rooms and this can take some time. You will hear from us by the middle of next week – please keep a close eye on your emails.

For those of you who applied after the accommodation guarantee deadline, we will be contacting you by the middle of next week to provide you with an application update.

“What room am I in? Can you tell me who is next to me?” These are the questions darting around our Comms Centre at the moment. The answer is that we are unable to tell you your room number because these are subject to change and we cannot guarantee that you will have that room upon arrival. Your residence and block will remain the same but the room number is currently only provisional. You will be advised of your room number upon registering at the University of Exeter, however, please bear in mind that this room number is still provisional and only when you collect your keys during Arrival’s Weekend will your room number be determined.

As a reminder, this weekend is the Bank Holiday (we have all suddenly taken a big sigh of relief at the prospect of THREE lie-in’s this weekend – hoorah!) This means that if you are emailing us any enquiries from 6:00pm on Friday until 8:30am on Tuesday, please note that you will not receive a reply until Tuesday at the earliest. We apologise for any inconvenience but you can rest assured that we shall return to you all on Tuesday more awake, fresh faced and ready to tackle any accommodation queries that you may have.

Although we had cold weather outside yesterday, in our office it was summer with the lovely summer fruit cakes made by Allocator Abigail. (This definitely sounds like a superhero name…”Here to save the day, it’s Allocator Abigail dah dah daaaah”. Thanks Abigail for yesterday’s treat, much appreciated by us all.

Accommodation Catherine

Summer cakes

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