Lovely spam…

…wonderful spam, spam, spam spam. The title for today comes from Monty Python and the spam song. It is a reminder for you all to check your SPAM/junk folder to ensure that you are not missing any emails from us. All correspondence regarding your accommodation will come via email and we don’t want you to miss any important information or updates – it is super duper important, I promise!

If any of you have accepted your offer and paid your £300.00 deposit over the weekend, you will not receive your confirmation email until tomorrow (Wednesday) so no need to panic just yet.

If you applied for accommodation following the guarantee deadline of 31 July, you will have received an email from us to update you on your application status. If you have any queries about this then please do get in touch. We are all back in the office from today, refreshed from our long weekend and ready to help. Please note that we are experiencing an extremely high volume of calls at present, so please do bear with us if we are taking some time. Alternatively you could email: and we shall respond to your enquiry by no later than tomorrow evening.

Due to the long weekend, I unfortunately do not have any Baketition pictures to show you (sigh). I nearly posted a picture of the banana loaf I made on Saturday morning but it was slightly burnt around the edges. You will have to wait until Fridays blog to see my non-burnt Baketition entry (I can sense you all holding your breath in excited anticipation). Instead, you can see how I spent my Saturday afternoon because I decided to explore Dartmoor National Park which is a short 20 minute drive away from Exeter. Let’s face it, I needed to do something active to burn all this cake off. Enjoy!!

Accommodation Catherine


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