Arrivals Weekend

As you may have noticed, the song inspired blog titles have ended as of today. A few may slip in occasionally but I was really struggling to sustain it. After having to google “songs about insurance” I realised I was clutching at straws.

Firstly, may I welcome any Fresher’s and their parents/guardians who are joining us on campus today and/or tomorrow in order to look at accommodation within the private sector and meet with members of the Accommodation Office.

Now on to today where we will be discussing Arrivals Weekend. As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, you will receive an email from us to advise you when you are able to book your arrival time. It is distributed block by block and as of tomorrow (Friday) everybody who has accepted their offer and paid their deposit will be able to book their arrival slot.

If you are wondering what sort of Freshers’ events are taking place over Arrivals Weekend, please see the Students’ Guild website  for a full list of what is on and when.

Before arriving with us, you should complete our online induction and read the Residents Handbook which will answer many frequently asked questions about your accommodation. If you are concerned about what you need to bring with you, please ensure that you look at either our checklist for catered halls or our checklist for self catered residences which provides useful information on what will get you through your first night with us.

From yesterday, the online registration process opened for postgraduate and PGCE students. If you are an undergraduate student, then you will be able to register online from Monday 1st September. This process is where you agree to the University’s current regulations and is completed at the start of every academic year that you study with us. You will also be able to view your provisional room number during this process – although this will only be confirmed once your arrive. Ideally, you should complete this prior to arriving with us, however, registrations continue until 3 October 2014. Please visit our website for further information.

Our baketition entry yesterday took me back to my childhood, where I would sit in the garden singing the famous nursery rhyme and take great delight as I pretended to be the Queen of hearts making some tarts. So thanks go to Natalia for her fruity jam tarts – they did not last long!

Accommodation Catherine

Natalia's Jam Tarts

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