The final countdown

We are now counting down in single figures until you are all due to arrive, fresh faced and raring to go for Arrivals Weekend. Now is time for you all to start packing, preparing and deciding what to bring.

Make sure you have a look at our ‘what to bring’ YouTube video which will provide you with some useful hints and tips about your time at university and what you will need. We also have created a checklist for catered halls and a checklist for self catered residences in order to provide you with some information on what will get you through your first night with us.

If you want to know what your room is going to look like and are curious to know about the colour of the walls, carpet or curtains – why not take a look at our virtual tours?

We are nearly coming to the end of our time within the Comms Team and sadly we are waving goodbye to Natalia today who has been with us since 12 August. We wish Natalia lots of luck with her PHD.

We had two baketition entries yesterday, some delightful Welsh cakes from Helen W. Within the Comms Team someone asked what a welsh cake was (before we had seen them), they were described as being a ‘bit like a scone, that someone has hit with a sledge hammer’. Needless to say that Helen’s certainly tasted much nicer than the description sounded. We also had an entry from Julie N who made a delightful chocolate cake which was seriously YUM!

Accommodation Catherine

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