Fancy a game?

Ping pong? Wiff waff? Table tennis? Well, whatever you wish to call it, as part of the Ping!  initiative, we have installed tables at the following residences for your enjoyment:

Ping! is an innovative street ping pong project which provides people with opportunities to play social and competitive table tennis, free of charge. The aim is to get as many people as possible across the whole of the UK playing – to bring about a sense of community spirit and get more people playing sport. So what are you all waiting for?

Although starter bats and balls have been provided, unfortunately some of these have already been damaged beyond repair. Therefore it might be easier for you to use your own equipment, so why not take a jaunt into the city centre and explore some of the sports shops?

Now, some of you may not know this but every University of Exeter residence has a Hall Committee. Each committee is made up of the following roles: President, Vice President, Treasurer, VP Social and VP Environmental. For more information on these roles and what they entail, take a look at the Students’ Guild website.

Does this sound like something you could perhaps get involved with? It would look great on your CV? If so, nominations opened at 9:00am this Monday (22 September) and close at 4:00pm on Thursday 2 October. Voting will take place from 9:00am on Monday 6 October until 5:00pm on Friday 10 October. Training will then take place on Saturday 11 October. Take a look at the Students’ Guild website to find out more information.

Most of you will have settled in by now and for those of you in self-catered accommodation, you will be getting familiar with needing to cook for yourselves. If you need some recipe advice, then take a look at the cooking demo on YouTube, created by two of our chefs within catered halls. They demonstrate how to make a white sauce, a tomato and basil sauce and some tasty flapjacks.

So this week, is a rather sad one within the accommodation office because we wave an extremely fond farewell to the man of the Accommodation Office, our very own Stefan! He is off to pastures new and will be greatly missed by us all. Stefan has the ability to upstage all of our healthy lunches with his pies and chocolate bars – much to our envy. Good luck Stefan for your new role.

Accommodation Catherine

Table Tennis

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