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I hope you’re all enjoying the autumnal feel around campus just as much as me. I took great delight in pulling on my winter coat yesterday (my next favourite item of clothing after summer dresses). It did get me thinking that for those of you who have joined recently and even to those of you who have been with us a while, have you ever taken a moment to just stop and take in the beautiful surroundings of campus?

Maybe you have seen the orange/red leaves which are in abundance or spotted some of our tucked away ponds or maybe even noticed the many squirrels wandering around? Have you ever wondered what horticultural highlights you are walking by each day? Our Grounds Team work so hard to keep the grounds neat, tidy and up to date with the latest flora and have created these handy guides to let us know just what is going on around us. You can also do your bit to keep our surroundings looking good by disposing of your rubbish properly and not letting it become littered.¬† We certainly are fortunate to be in such a¬†glorious location and I’m sure that the views make the hills a little easier (wishful thinking).

Do you fancy yourself as the University equivalent of Kate Moss or David Gandy? Maybe your room is something that Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen would be proud of. (Do you remember him? The man with the eccentric suits). If you live in either Lopes, Ransom Pickard, Pennsylvania Court or Lafrowda Cottage and are about on Monday 27 October, we need you! We are looking for willing participants to allow us to photograph their bedrooms and even be in the shots themselves. You could be featured in our accommodation brochure or an official University of Exeter publication. If this sounds up your street, please contact us to register interest.

By now, you should have all settled in to your accommodation and university life, however, there was a time pre-university where you didn’t know what accommodation we had to offer and perhaps wanted to see what it looked like. We already have students who will be arriving in 2015/16 and beyond looking to do exactly this. Our accommodation can be viewed at open days, offer holder visit days or on campus tours. In order to be able to show people rooms, we need you and your rooms!

We do not need you to be there at the time of viewing, however, your room will need to be tidy. In return for offering your room you will earn yourself some vouchers – just for showing your room. That’s not a bad deal is it? There will be lots of people wanting to view in the half term week (27-31 October), so if you live in Holland Hall or Pennsylvania Court and are willing to show your room, please contact your Residence Reception to express your interest.

We will also be looking for rooms in other residences between January-March for the Offer Holder Visit days and June for our open day but we shall keep you updated nearer the time about where we will want to show – watch this space!

Don’t forget if you need to see us at one of our drop-in sessions, we are available in The Forum between 9am-5pm until Friday 10 October and then 10am-4pm from Monday 13 October. Just register your place in our queue at the Student Information Desk.

Accommodation Catherine

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