Pumpkins, picking and packing!

Is it just me or is this year absolutely flying by? I cannot believe that it’s Halloween on Friday, Bonfire Night next week and before you know it we’ll be in December counting down the days to Ch…Ch..Christmas (there I said it!) If you are in catered halls, you can enjoy a halloween themed meal time this Friday. For other events which are taking place over the coming weeks, make sure you check out the Students’ Guild event pages. I’ve spotted a few events with trips to the famous (and rather crazy) Ottery Tar Barrels. If you’ve never been – definitely try to check it off of your ‘Things to do whilst in Devon’ list. It is

We have been made aware that the Fire Brigades Union has announced a continuous period of strike action from Friday 31 October at 6:00pm until Tuesday 4 November at 6:00pm. What with Halloween, Bonfire Night and the strike all taking place, can you please all be extra vigilent about fire safety. For example, if you decide to carve pumpkins, please do not place candles in them because this is not permitted within your residences. For further information please read your Residents Handbook or take a look at our fire safety video. Make sure you consider the following resident expectations for your safety:

  1. Please be vigilant – Check that you know your alternative escape routes and the location of your assembly point (read the blue notice by the fire alarm call point)
  2. Find out when the fire alarm is tested in your building – an alarm at any other time should be treated as a fire
  3. Don’t tamper with any fire equipment
  4. Report any fire hazards in residences to your hall reception team
  5. Try to avoid activities that may accidentally set off an alarm e.g. cooking with the kitchen door open, using aerosol sprays near smoke detectors etc.
  6. Occasionally people become shut in lifts. For this reason avoid overcrowding lifts and do not use lifts if there is a fire. Lifts in some of the residences may have been put out of use during this period
  7. Do not leave fire doors propped open
  8. Do not leave your cooking unattended at any time
  9. If you hear the alarm, leave the building by the nearest available exit and go to the assembly point

So I have already mentioned the ‘C’ word in this post, however, we are getting a number of you in catered halls asking about the Christmas vacation and whether you need to pack up all of your belongings and take them with you this year. Please contact your residence directly to find out this information.

May I also say a BIG thank you to our volunteers who are taking part in the ‘Birks Grange Clean Up’ litter pick today (Wednesday 29 October) between 11:30am-3:00pm. For more information on this please visit our Facebook page.

Have a spooktacular week everyone! I shall leave you with my carved pumpkin of last year – i’m pretty proud of it.

Accommodation Catherine


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