Driving home for Christmas

Merry ChristmasWell here we are, at the end of your first term. For those of you are heading home for Christmas, now is the time to put your ‘student cooking on a budget’ recipe books away, gather your laundry, put Chris Rea’s driving home for Christmas’ song on for the journey and enjoy a few weeks of hearty cooking, home comforts and well deserved rest.

Are you currently living within our catered residences? Please note that you need to vacate your room by 10:00am on Saturday 13 December and make sure that you take advantage of Breakfast. This will be the last meal offered for this year between 8:00am-9:30am on Saturday. For further information on what to do before you leave your room and what you should take with you, please see the catered flyer. If any of our catered students are moving in to a self-catered residence for the duration of the Christmas vacation, then please refer to our moving in pages for further information.

If you are currently staying in self-catered accommodation, you were sent a newsletter last week from your residence reception, providing information about what to do over the Christmas vacation – so please make sure you give it a gander and read our moving out pages to know exactly what’s happening. If you wish to stay on campus over the Christmas period, then you are more than welcome to do so, however, please inform your residence that you are intending to stay so we can inform Estate Patrol. You can do this in the following way:

    1. Login to Exhub and click on the ‘Ask SID’ box
    2. Go to the Quick Enquiry Log
    3. In enquiry category, select ‘Accommodation: Christmas Vacation’
    4. Answer the category questions
    5. Click ‘Log now’

If you are going to stay on campus over the Christmas vacation, do not panic that all of the festive fun is over just because term has finished as that is not the case at all. In fact, there is still plenty for you to take part in including the Christmas Day Lunch at Lopes Hall on 25 December. Tickets are available online for only £17.50 per person. The day includes a welcome drink, two course lunch (vegetarian option available), games and Santa will even drop by with a present for everyone. Visit our website and the Students’ Guild website to see what further events are taking place across campus over the next couple of festive weeks.

Our drop-in sessions are available in The Forum (via SID) and will be running between 11:00am-3:00pm until Friday 12 December. If you have any queries after this date, you can contact us by emailing: sid@exeter.ac.uk or telephoning 0300 555 0444. Make sure you check out the opening times for various student services across the Streatham and St Luke’s campus to see when they are available over the Christmas vacation.

Tune in next week for our very last blog of 2014 and to reminisce on what a jolly good year it’s been. I’m going to end today’s post with the joke that came in my advent calendar to get you all in the festive mood: How do snowmen get around?
….They ride an icicle!

Accommodation Catherine

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