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Yes, there is lots of buzzing around campus at the moment, especially with students dressed as bumble bees and even some smurfs this year. Any visitor would wonder what is going on but for those of us in the know, it is of course the time of year for Sabb elections! You have until Friday 13 February to make your nominations in order to have your say in who you want representing you in 2015/16. For further information please see the Students’ Guild website.

Alongside the hustle and bustle of canditates promoting what they are able to offer you next year, you will also notice that every Wednesday throughout February and March the university will be getting busier with people wandering around. This is due to our Offer Holder Visit Days. We would like to welcome our visitors to the campus, we look forward to seeing you at our accommodation stand within the Forum. We also have three accommodation talks taking place in the Forum Seminar Room at 10:45am, 1:00pm and 3:00pm each Wednesday, lasting approximately 30 minutes.

Are you a new or prospective student joining us in 2015/16 and thinking about applying for accommodation? We have received a number of you trying to activate an accommodation account in advance of the applications opening in April. Due to the accommodation office installing new software, you are unable to open an account at present because not all student details have been transferred on to our new system. We will make an announcement on our website and via this blog when accounts are able to be activated. This will be at some point around mid March. It is also advisable to keep an eye out on the students’ Facebook and Twitter pages for immediate notices.

Please note that applications for new undergraduate students open on 13 April 2015 and applications are not processed in date order until after 31 July. For further information on this please visit our website.

A note now to our current students from our residences…please ensure that you keep your windows shut and doors locked when you are not in your room. It is also advisable to lock your door if you are going to sleep. Could you also please remember to report maintenance faults as soon as you are aware of them because without us being alerted of the issue, we will never know the problem.

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