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If you’re thinking of joining us in 2015/16 but have been unable to visit us at one of our open days or offer holder visit days as of yet, then make sure you take a look at our virtual tours which offer 360° views of most of our accommodation. You can sit in the comfort of your own home, with a nice cup of tea in hand without having to venture out into the cold – aren’t we nice for setting this up? The virtual tours will certainly be useful when making your application for accommodation.

Now speaking of applications, the open date to make your accommodation application is  Monday 13 April 2015 at around 10:00am (because we’re not here at midnight to press the big shiny button). Make sure you mark that date in your diaries. In order to be guaranteed accommodation you will need to have the University of Exeter as your first/firm choice and make your application before 31 July 2015. Applications received between 13 April – 31 July 2015 are not looked at in date order, so it makes no difference whether you apply first thing on 13 April or last thing on 31 July. For more information please read our accommodation guarantee webpages.

We have been receiving a number of questions about applications from students who have deferred their place and will be joining us this year having already received their A-Level results. Are you a student who has deferred your firm place at the University of Exeter and are looking to arrive with us in 2015/16? If you are, then you can apply from Monday 13 April 2015 and we would ideally need your applications in by the end of May because we will start allocating rooms for deferred students in June 2015 as your results are already in and you know that you’re coming here and you will be notified towards the end of June.

Please note that although deferred students will be notified of their allocation sooner but they are not guaranteed to be offered their first choice of accommodation because we still need to ensure that we are gaining a good mix of students within each of our residences.

If you have any questions about accommodation or the application process, take a look at our FAQs and if those don’t help to answer your question, you can contact the accommodation office via SID by telephoning 0300 555 0444 or emailing No question is too big or too small and we are here to help.

Accommodation Catherine

2 thoughts on “Application agitation

  1. I need to reserve accomodations at Holland Hall from june 29 to july 3 2015 in connection With the ELSIN-2015 Conference. I wish to have a single room for the special fee of ELSin15 delegates.

    Since I am unable to reasch you through the Elsin website, I am writing directly, and hoping this will Reach you in time since there are only a Limited number of rooms reserved for us. Thank you.

    • Hi Liv,

      Thank you for your reply. Our bed and breakfast accommodation bookings are dealt with by our Event Exeter team. You can contact them by telephone: 0300 555 0214 or by email: . I have included the link to their website for your perusal.

      May I take this opportunity to wish you every success with your search.

      Kind regards,

      Accommodation Office

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