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This time of year is always a lovely time to be at the university because we are able to witness students looking smart in their gowns and mortar boards as they prepare to graduate. This week, the Forum and the piazza have been full of students beaming for photographs whilst their nearest and dearest look on with pride. It reminds us that although we are waving a fond farewell to those students who are graduating and heading off to pastures new, we are also preparing ourselves for our next cohort of students ready to go through the incredible experience which is university! We have received a number of enquiries from students joining us in September, mostly around arrivals and what to do if they are arriving early. Please see below for further information:

We are receiving a number of enquiries from students who are concerned about the dates that they can arrive at their accommodation in September.

The main arrival days for the start of the academic year are over the weekend of 11-13 September 2015 and you will need to book an arrival time if you plan to arrive that weekend. We are currently working on our arrivals booking system and once it is up and running, we will notify  those students who have already accepted an accommodation contract with us by email. We anticipate that this will be at the beginning of August.

For students who are awaiting A-Level results and have not yet received an accommodation offer, you will not miss out on being able to book an arrival slot because information will be provided to you once you have accepted your accommodation offer and there will still be plenty of space.

If your course starts before our Arrivals Weekend then you may be eligible to stay within one of our residences before your official contract start date. Please visit our website to see if you are eligible and look at the ‘early arrivals’ tab for further information. If you have any queries about this, then please contact the Accommodation Office.

Accommodation Guarantee Deadline
Today marks the 16 day countdown until our accommodation guarantee deadline. Please ensure that if you have not yet submitted your accommodation application that you do so before 31 July 2015. To find out how we allocate rooms to students who submit their application before the guarantee deadline, please see our room allocation procedure.

If you have been sent an offer of accommodation and need to pay your deposit but are unsure how you can pay this, please see the ‘how to pay‘ pages for information on the different payment methods which are accepted by the university.

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