How to pay less (or nothing!) for your accommodation.

Today’s blog is a guest post about our Residence Life Team from one of our Team Leaders.

How to pay less (or nothing!) for your accommodation, make new friends and boost your CV.

When I was accepted to do a Masters at Exeter I was so happy – however that faded into panic when I realised I had nowhere to live and didn’t know anyone in the city. I began looking at rooms online but was a little apprehensive moving in with complete strangers who already knew each other.

Becoming a Residence Life Team Mentor

I then found out about an opportunity to apply for a Mentor’s position, which is a student welfare service supporting residents living in the university accommodation. As I enjoy helping others, wanted to make new friends and benefit from discounted accommodation I applied and was accepted onto the team.

The training offered me the right support and I immediately felt welcomed in my new friendly team of mentors. I learnt more about the importance the Mentor role brings to the first year students and Exeter, and about all the help I could offer.
Within the first few weeks of visiting my mentees I began learning their names, faces and stories and it became a joy to go and talk to everyone each week, checking how things were going. Also, good friendships were built with other members of the team.

Being a Mentor is not for everyone but it may be just the right thing for you. Take a look at the full information. If this sounds like the right opportunity for you then apply now as the places are limited.

Are you looking for the next step up?

I was very lucky in my Mentor’s journey and after a couple of months my Team Leader had to leave and encouraged me to apply for her position. I was successful and got my first promotion – I became a Team Leader. This brought more experiences, responsibilities and friendships… plus a great bonus of free accommodation!

This has been a great journey which you can also now experience – the recruitment is open now.  Take a look to learn more about what it takes to become a Team Leader.

I would really recommend joining Residence Life to anyone who is new to Exeter and wanting a way to find accommodation and friendships as well as a really rewarding role with a great team. I know without being part of the Residence Life Team my time at Exeter would not have been as smooth.

Amelia – Residence Life Team Leader

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