With only one more day to go until A Level results day, the Accommodation Office would like to wish those of you awaiting results lots of luck.

Accommodation offers
For those students who are receiving results tomorrow and discover that they are coming to the University of Exeter, please note that we will start sending out accommodation offers from Monday 17 August to those who submitted an application for accommodation. Please ensure that you have access to your emails from that date because all offers are sent online. You will also need to have a £300.00 accommodation deposit ready in order to confirm your room booking.

Daily blog post
Today marks the start of our daily blog posts where we will keep you all up to date, every week day from 10:00am on offers between now and Arrivals Weekend. Please keep checking the blog daily in order to receive the latest news, updates and answers to any frequently asked questions.

Summer staff
Each summer we bring in a team of temporary staff to help us out. We have our call centre staff who will be answering your calls and questions and are available from 8:00am-8:00pm Thursday 13 and Friday 14 August and then will be available between 8:30am-6:00pm from Monday 17 August. We are contactable via the SID on 0300 555 0444.

We also have our allocators who assist the Accommodation Team by helping to allocate students who have received their results to one of our rooms. We welcome both teams to the University of Exeter.

Arrivals Weekend
As mentioned in last week’s blog, for those of you who have a confirmed offer (accepted the offer and paid your deposit), you are now able to book your arrival time. If you are arriving from Monday 14 September onwards, you will need to email us and advise us of the time and date that you plan to arrive.

Accommodation Catherine

3 thoughts on “Results

  1. My daughter has an unconditional offer and paid the accommodation deposit back in May. Information about accessing the online induction and booking arrival slots was supposed to be sent out in the last week, but we haven’t received anything. Did these emails go out as advertised, or have they been delayed?

      • Thanks Catherine – I’m sure this will be helpful. I think we were misled because the info on this page doesn’t apply to Exeter students at the Cornwall (Penryn) Campus. Cornwall has different arrangements and their induction info won’t be available until the end of August.

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