Retrieving offers

We are sending out offers from today to those students who have a FIRM offer on a course at the University of Exeter and who applied prior to our accommodation guarantee deadline. We will continue to send offers in batches during the week, so please don’t panic if you do not receive an offer today.

Receiving my offer
You will be sent an email to the email address which you registered with when you originally created your accommodation account. You will need to login to your accommodation account* in order view the details of the offer being made to you. Once you have read the terms and conditions, you will need to accept/reject the offer . There is an expiry date so please ensure that you have accepted the offer and paid the £300.00 accommodation deposit before the offer expires.

*If you have forgotten your login details then you can re-activate your account in order to retrieve your offer.

Paying my deposit
The deposit is £300.00 and can be paid in a number of different ways. Please visit our student finance pages for further information. Please note that it can take up to 48 hours for a deposit to show on our system, so if you have not received a confirmation email from us after 48 hours, please contact us.

Is your room offer not one of your choices?
Within our accommodation guarantee we will offer a bed space within our residences but we are unable to guarantee this will be one of your top three choices or an on-campus room. If you have received an offer that is not for your first choice of accommodation or one of other your choices, this will be because we have a number of residences where the volume applications exceeds the number of rooms available. Your application will have been considered for your three choices, but if the rooms have all been allocated, we will offer you the next available residence/room type.

If you wish to discuss the offer made to you, please contact us on 0300 555 0444 or by emailing .

Throughout this process, we recommend that you check in with our daily blog posts to see any up to date information on accommodation.

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