When will I get my offer?

We started sending offers out yesterday to students who made an application for accommodation within our accommodation guarantee. We are continuing with this process all week and are sending out offers in batches so please ensure that you check your email (including your junk/SPAM folder) for information about the offers.

Offers being sent this week
Offers which are being sent out have an expiry date of three days, so please check the deadline when reviewing your offer and make sure that you have your £300.00 deposit available to confirm your booking. Take a look at yesterday’s blog post for further information about retrieving your offer.

Applied after the guarantee deadline
If you applied for accommodation after 31 July 2015, we will be sending out offers from Monday 24 August. Please bear in mind that students who applied after our guarantee deadline are dealt with on a first come, first serve basis and we look to offer what accommodation is available. Students will be notified by the end of August as to whether we are able to accommodate them within University residences or if they will need to look for private housing.

What is popular?
Some of our on campus residences are very popular as the following figures show:

  • 41% of applicants who applied for catered accommodation put Holland Hall as their first choice residence.
  • 62% of applicants who applied for self-catered accommodation put Lafrowda/St Germans/Rowe House as their first choice.

This will mean that some students might not get one of their top three choices and may be disappointed by this. Our allocators work incredibly hard to read every single note and preference within your application, so if you have not been given one of your top three choices, please bear in mind that we have chosen your residence based on your interests and the people within it.

Arrivals and eInduction
The online arrivals booking slot and eInduction are unavailable this week due to new offers being sent out. Please keep checking this blog from Monday 24 August for updates on when the arrivals and eInduction are available once again and which residences it is available for.

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