Rumour buster

A new batch of offers went out yesterday and another batch are going out today, so please keep checking your emails. We have received a number of questions via telephone and email and there have been some comments on social media about the accommodation process. Hopefully the answers below will provide some clarification and eliminate the rumours:

The allocation process
Many of you are concerned about the status of your application and what the wording means within your accommodation account. Our ‘track your application’  pages provide information about your application and the terminology used. For those of you who applied before the guarantee deadline and are seeing the words “processing” please rest assured that we are working through all applications at the moment and offers will be sent out this week by email. Those who applied after the deadline will hear from Monday 24 August.

No more accommodation
This rumour is untrue, we have not run out of accommodation for students who applied before our guarantee deadline of 31 July 2015. We are still working our way through allocations but we have enough beds to be able to make all of these students an offer of accommodation in line with our accommodation guarantee – ‘we are able to offer student accommodation to undergraduate students entering Year One, or international postgraduates who have a firm status on a University of Exeter course.’

For undergraduate students who applied after the deadline from 1 August 2015 onwards, through insurance or clearing, we are unable to guarantee that we have availability within our residences because we are still processing applications to students who applied prior to this date. If you have submitted an application, we will be notifying students from Monday 24 August if their application has been successful.

Home/EU postgraduate students are not covered within our guarantee and are advised to look for private housing within the city centre.

Room number
Your offer of accommodation will be for a specified residence and block however, we do not advise students of their provisional room numbers until they register at the University of Exeter. We are unable to provide you with your room number prior to then because these are subject to change as we continue the allocations process.

For any further information or for clarification on your accommodation application, please contact the accommodation team on 0300 555 0444, we are available between 8:30am-6:00pm Monday-Friday.

Accommodation Catherine

6 thoughts on “Rumour buster

  1. Hi there,

    I have applied before the deadline of 31 July and have firmly accepted for year 1 undergraduate entry. I still haven’t received my accommodation offer yet and was wondering if I would be given priority over the students who have gone through insurance and clearing?



    • Dear Matthew,

      Thank you for your enquiry. Our blog post titled ‘When will I get my offer’ explains that students who applied before the guarantee deadline will hear by tomorrow (Friday 21 August). We have been sending out offers in batches. Students who applied after the deadline will hear from Monday 24 August.

      If you require any further assistance, please contact the Accommodation Team on 0300 555 0444.

      Kind regards,

      Accommodation Team

  2. I received an offer last January and completed the accommodation form before the deadline yet I failed to make my grades. However after a remark I now have a place at Exeter and was wondering whether the chances of me receiving the accommodation I applied for are reduced because of that?

    • Dear Ivo,

      Thank you for your enquiry. If you need your application reinstated because of a remark, you will need to contact us as soon as possible on 0300 555 0444 and we would need to reinstate your application.

      I hope this helps. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further assistance.

      Kind regards,

      Accommodation Team

  3. Hi, my room details are displayed as James Owen Court A179, however there is only 275 rooms available at JOC? Is there a break down?

    • Dear Daniel,

      If you wish to discuss your accommodation offer, please contact the accommodation office on 0300 555 0444. We are available this week between 8:45am-5:15pm.

      Kind regards,

      Accommodation Team

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