Movement updates

Two weeks in and hopefully you are all getting nicely settled into the swing of University life and have taken part in some of the many events which are going on.

Drop-in sessions
We have met a few of you at our SID drop-in sessions which are running from 9:00am-5:00pm this week and from 10:00am-4:00pm from Monday 5 October and many of you are enquiring about possible room moves. Please see below for further updates.

Waiting list
We allowed two weeks for all students to settle in to their residence and as of Monday 28 September, we are now looking through our waiting list to see if any room moves can take place. We will be in contact with you if a room move is available.

The majority of our rooms are now occupied and so we are only able to deal with a limited number of people on the list. As we get more accommodation available, we will update our current vacancies page with details so you may wish to check this page for updates.

If you have placed yourself on the waiting list to move rooms but now are settled where you are, please let us know and we will remove your details.

If you wish to be placed on our waiting list please refer to the below instructions on how to log a ‘request to move’ enquiry:

  • In your Exehub portal, go to the Ask SID tab and click the Go To SID button.
  • You can then log an enquiry via SIDOnline, using the Accommodation: Changing room or residence FAQ pages.
  • After clicking ‘Log an enquiry’ from these pages you should see a form to complete with a series of drop down menus.
  • Please complete and submit the enquiry, and we will respond to you as soon as possible regarding availability of rooms.

A £50.00 movement charge is incurred for students who move rooms.

Empty rooms
Some of you may have empty rooms within your flat, please note that these will more than likely be filled by either new students or those wishing to move rooms. We are unable to advise you when a new student will move in.

Residence Life Team
For those students who are still settling in to their accommodation remember that you are not alone and our Residence Life Team are here to help you. So if you experiencing certain issues such as noise levels, getting along with flat mates or maybe you feel a little isolated or homesick please contact them to discuss these  concerns. Details are available on their website.

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