A screw loose?

This week’s blog post is looking at how to report maintenance issues and who you need to report them to as well as the insurance policy which is included within your accommodation rental cost. We are also looking into how you can stay safe this Bonfire Night.

Bonfire Night
“Remember, remember the fifth of November”. Well it is 5 November tomorrow, which means that Bonfire Night is upon us all and fireworks will be flying through the skies over the next few days. Within last week’s blogpost we let you know about some organised displays which were taking place within the area and also gave some advice about staying safe within your residence. For further information about firework/sparkler safety please see the RoSPA website.

Maintenance issues
Do you have a screw loose? Is your tap dripping? Are your lights not working? If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you are currently experiencing a maintenance fault and will need one of our maintenance team to resolve this for you. Although it might not seem like a big problem at the moment, it may get worse and might impact on your future stay within your room. Our maintenance team would like to stay on top of the fixtures and fittings so that any outstanding issues do not get worse.

Our Residence Handbook provides information on what the different types of maintenance faults could be and the potential time frame given to resolve the issue. Please ensure that if you have a maintenance fault that you contact your Residence Reception directly.

Security matters
We know not everyone knows how to look after their valuable items or keep themselves safe on the web. That’s why Endsleigh have put together lots of information about looking after not only your gadgets, but also yourself on the internet. From finding out how to stay safe from identity fraud, keeping your bike safe and our top tips on protecting your gadgets, Endsleigh have all the information you need under one roof over at Security Matters. Take a look at their security video or their on campus content pack for further information on staying safe.

If you need to take out any additional insurance whilst you are staying with us then use the discount code ‘GADGET2015’ when making a purchase online in order to receive 15% off.

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