Self-catered or catered accommodation?

ID-100224443Happy New Year to you all and welcome to our new Tuesday blog post which is aimed at all prospective students who are considering coming to the University of Exeter for the next academic year. The University was described by Money Supermarket as being one of ‘Britain’s best value universities‘ and over the next few weeks we will be giving you an insight into our accommodation and what we have to offer. This week, we are looking at the different types of accommodation which are available:

Catered Accommodation
If you want your first year at university to be spent more on settling in, socialising and working and less time to be spent on cooking, washing up or doing a food shop, then catered accommodation is for you.

The rent for our catered residences includes sixteen meals per week at set meal times, which is made up of breakfast and an evening meal (Monday to Friday) and a continental breakfast, brunch and an evening meal (weekends). Students are given access to a utility area and are able to have a mini fridge within their room in order to make lunches and snacks.

For examples of the menus within catered halls, please visit our website. Our YouTube video provides an insight into our catered accommodation.

Self-Catered Accommodation
If you would like to freedom over when you eat and what you eat, then self-catered accommodation is likely to suit you.

Self-catered accommodation gives students access to a communal kitchen area (unless you’re living within a studio). Some students think that a shared kitchen is a social hotspot and a place where you can learn from each other and enhance your cooking skills.

See our YouTube video for an insight into our self-catered accommodation.

If you are still unsure about which type of residence you would prefer then visit our ‘how to choose‘ pages which might be able to help.

Next week we will be looking at the different standards of accommodation and contract lengths.

Accommodation Catherine

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