Am I guaranteed university accommodation?

This week’s blog is looking at which students are guaranteed accommodation and what accommodation is guaranteed to students. See below for further information:

The Accommodation Guarantee
Applications for new and deferred students open on Monday 11 April 2016 for all undergraduates and International postgraduate students with a firm offer for a University of Exeter course.  If you meet our accommodation guarantee and apply before the deadline of 31 July 2016 you will be guaranteed a bed space.  Please note that applications are not dealt with on a first come, first served basis and allocations to residences are processed randomly.

What accommodation is guaranteed?
Many people assume that all University of Exeter accommodation is on campus, however, this is not the case because 75% of our accommodation is on campus and 25% of it is off campus. Please note that we are only able to guarantee students a bed space which means that we are unable to guarantee whether students will be offered an on/off campus location.

  • Catered – All of our catered accommodation is based on the Streatham Campus and is only available for undergraduate students. The approximate walking distances to the centre of the Streatham Campus (The Forum) are between 5-12 minutes. Please see our catered webpages for further information.
  • Self-catered – Our self-catered accommodation does vary from catered because it is based both on and off campus and is available for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The approximate walking distances from our self-catered residences to the centre of the Streatham Campus (The Forum) range between 5-30 minutes. Please see our self-catered webpages for further information.

Deferred students
If you have already received your A-Level results and know if you will be coming to the University of Exeter in 2016/17, you are able to apply for accommodation at the university. You can make your application for accommodation on 11 April 2016 and we recommend that you submit your application before the end of May in order to receive your formal offer of accommodation in June.

Please note that although we advise of an early application, your first choice of accommodation will not be guaranteed and allocation is made to residences on a random basis. Our aim is to allocate deferred students across our residences and there is no one residence specifically reserved for students who have deferred.

Private housing
Students are not required to stay in University accommodation in their first year if they do not wish to and are able to look for private housing within the city. Our private housing webpages provide information and advice on where to look.

Next week we will be looking into the application process and how we allocate rooms.

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