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Students and parents who attend our Open Days and Offer Holder Visit Days often want to know how we allocate rooms and whether students are guaranteed one of their top three preferences of accommodation. This week’s blog is looking into exactly that:

How do I apply for accommodation?
Applications open on Monday 11 April 2016 and our application system is available online which means that it can be accessed from anywhere after that date. This is especially useful for those students who are abroad between April-July and are worried about not falling within our accommodation guarantee. Within the application process students are required to choose their top three preferences of residence from the options available within our self-catered or catered accommodation.

Will I get one of my top three preferences?
Students who apply before the guarantee deadline of 31 July 2016 are guaranteed a bed space within University accommodation but this may not necessarily be in one of their top three preferences. The preferences are used as guidance for the Accommodation Office team when allocating, so that if there is no¬†availability in one of the preferred residences, allocation will be made to an alternative that is similar. Last week’s blog post provides some more information on this.

Why do you ask for my interests?
We ask for at least four interests within the application so that students can advise us what they are interested in e.g. sports, music, drama etc. We then aim to place these students with other students who share the same interests. In doing this, our experience shows that students find it easier to settle in if they share mutual interests.

How do you allocate rooms?
We allocate to residences on a random basis as available at the time of processing your application. Once we have done this,
we will then allocate a room in a flat or corridor and as we do this we look at information about interests/hobbies given on application as well as checking whether a single/mixed gender flat or a quiet flat etc is required and if one is available.

In next week’s blog, we will be looking at private housing options.

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