Private housing for your first year

It is largely recognised that after the first year of study at the University of Exeter students search for private housing for consecutive years of study. However, many students are unaware that it is not compulsory for them to live in University accommodation for their first year and are able to choose to live in private housing within the city if they wish. This week’s blog explores the different private housing options available:ID-100249604

What private housing is available?
Private housing within the city centre includes the following:

  • Purpose-built private halls of residence through larger providers
  • Shared houses and flats through private landlords
  • Shared houses and flats through student letting agencies.

Where do I search for private housing?
Many landlords and agents advertise through the University property search engine at: The housing list for 2016/17 went live on 12 January 2016. Landlords and agents continue to advertise throughout the year so it is advisable to keep checking on a regular basis if you are looking for private housing.

Who can offer advice on private housing?
The Accommodation website has created a designated private housing webpage which provides information and advice about searching for housing within the city. It includes the links to larger providers who have purpose-built private halls of residence within the city and also some useful areas to consider.

If you require any additional support then the Accommodation Office can be contacted via SID on 0300 555 0444 between 9:00am-5:00pm Monday to Friday or by email at:

Is there any off-campus support if I choose to live privately?
Living within the city is a big part of university life. For some students, it will be an exciting experience but for others it may feel rather daunting to not have the security of the University on their doorstep. The University has employed Student Community Wardens who work closely with the Students’ Guild, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary and Exeter City Council to support fellow students living off campus.

There are two Student Community Warden teams, with five in each team. The Exeter East Team and the Exeter West Team provide a supportive presence to students living across the wards of St James, St David’s, Pennsylvania, Newtown and Polsloe. They wear branded ‘Student Community Warden’ jackets and polo shirts and are always available to chat. For further information please see the community webpages.

Next week’s blog will be looking at our forthcoming Offer Holder Visit Days and letting you know what you should sign up for when visiting us.

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