Some answers – part four

There is less than a month to go until Monday 11 April which is the date you can make your application for accommodation. With that in mind, this will be the last week of our question and answer blogs from our Offer Holder Visit Days as we begin to focus on where to apply and how to apply in the coming weeks.

This week, please see some of the answers to the frequently asked questions from last Wednesday’s Offer Holder Visit Day including the difference in contract lengths, where to eat and drink on campus and which accommodation you should consider if you’re studying at both campuses.

If I choose to live in self-catered, do I need to vacate at Christmas or Easter?
All of our catered residences have a contract length of 32 weeks which is term time only. This means that students will need to vacate their room at Christmas and Easter. Our self-catered contracts are either 40, 42, 44 or 51 week contracts and students that choose to live here are able to stay for the full term and do not need to vacate until the end of their contract. For example a 40 week contract for 2016/17 runs from 11 September 2016-17 June 2017 and students are able to remain in their room for the full duration of the contract. Please see our terms and conditions under the ‘lengths’ tab for further information.

Eating and drinking on campus
Many of our visitors want to know where there is to eat and drink on campus throughout their visit with us. Please visit our website to see which cafes and shops are available.

For students who are considering self-catered accommodation and have asked whether it is possible to buy a meal in a catered dining hall on an ad-hoc basis, this is absolutely fine. Please see our about catered halls pages for information on prices and to see what food is being served in halls at the moment.

If I am studying at both Streatham and St Lukes Campuses, which residence should I apply for?
You may find that you are required to attend lectures at both Streatham and St Luke’s Campuses and you may be wondering which residence is best to put as a preference* on your application form. This is completely dependant on personal preference and whether you prefer catered or self-catered accommodation, however, it is worth remembering that all catered accommodation is located on the Streatham Campus with set meal times.

  • Closest to St Lukes – Our Rowancroft residences including Rowancroft, Rowancroft Court and Rowancroft Mews are only a five minute walk to St Luke’s. There is also a free shuttle bus which runs between Rowancroft and Streatham departing at 7:45am/8:30am/9:15am/10:00am weekdays in term time and returns from Streatham to Rowancroft at 5.45pm and 6.45pm. Please note that times may vary for 2016/17.
  • Equal distance – The residence located in the city centre and is only twenty minutes walk from both Streatham and St Luke’s is James Owen Court which is self-catered en-suite accommodation.
  • Closest to Streatham – All other residence are located on or within a twenty minute walk to the Streatham Campus, please see our website for further information on these. There is a free shuttle bus which runs from St David’s train station to Streatham and St Luke’s daily. Our closest residences to St Davids are: Cook/Llewellyn Mews, Point Exe, Brunel Close and Kingdom Mews. These are approximately fifteen minutes walk to the Streatham Campus if you do not wish to take the free shuttle bus.

*Please read our room allocation procedure and accommodation guarantee for further information.

Next week’s blog will look at facilities near to both our Streatham and St Luke’s campuses.

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