Easter and Recruitment

This week Helen from the Residence Life Team is providing us with information about recruitment opportunities to become a Team Leader. Before I pass over to Helen, please see below information about the Easter vacation:

Easter Vacation Information
This week all students who are living within our accommodation will be sent an email which provides information about the Easter Vacation. Please ensure you read this because it updates our catered students about moving out for the vacation period as well as advising those of you in self-catered accommodation of the opening times of residence receptions during this period. There is much more information available within it so make sure you check it out.

Now for Helen’s update….

Become a Residence Life Team Leader
Recruitment for Residence Life Team Leader roles will open soon, so to help me tell you about the role I asked some of the current Team Leaders for their thoughts.

Being a Team Leader involves responding to problems residents may be facing – and it turns out that the number one thing Team Leaders relish is the sense that they’re making a difference to students’ lives. Over and over again, they told me how rewarding it is to help students navigate the barriers and challenges they encounter while living in residence and to see them reach their potential. So, if you like helping people, this may be a role you would enjoy.

Next up, the Team Leaders value how much they’re learning. As postgraduate students with a range of academic interests they’re all really knowledgeable in their fields, and the role can be a great way to build a different set of skills. Katie described it as ‘a wonderful opportunity to develop an extensive and varied range of transferable skills’, while Ryan singled out communication as something that being part of a team helps to develop. As the name suggests, Team Leaders supervise teams of Residence Life Mentors, so it’s a chance to gain experience of managing people; while event planning is another facet of the role – this year the team have run trips, quizzes, sports tournaments, activities and more.

Team Leaders perform their duties outside of office hours, balancing the role alongside postgraduate study – and another big plus for them is having a flexible and varied role where “there is always something to do, something to learn, someone to help”.

Recruitment will begin next week (check our website for details) – if it sounds like the role for you, why not get in touch?

Residence Life Helen

Many thanks to Helen for the information above. Next week’s blog will be providing you with more information about the Easter Vacation.

Accommodation Catherine

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