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There is just under two weeks to go until our prospective students joining us in September 2016 can make their application for accommodation. Please see below for some information about applying, activating your accommodation account and whether you can bring a car to campus:

Acitvate an accommodation account
From week commencing 4 April*, students will be able to activate an accommodation account online in preparation for applications opening on Monday 11 April from 10:00am. In order to activate an accommodation account you will need the following:

  • To have accepted an offer on a course at the University of Exeter and have a firm offer to study for 2016/17.
  • Your nine digit student ID number (this usually starts with a 65/66)
  • Have a valid email address which you will be able to access after your arrival at university in September. Please do not use your current school/college email address as these tend to close down once you have left.
  • Read and understand which students are guaranteed accommodation.

*Please note that the account activation will be available during the week, please check our Facebook page for updates to find out when this is live.

Our earlier blog posts about applying and allocating and the accommodation guarantee may be useful to read at this point.

What to do prior to making an application online
Firstly, please familirise yourself with our accommodation guarantee to see if you’re eligible for accommodation. You will then be able to search for accommodation and decide on your top preferences of where you wish to stay. Please have a look at our catered and self-catered residence pages for specific information on our residences.

Within the application you are required to input the following information about where you wish to stay in order for us to allocate you to a flat which we feel would be suited to you based on your requirements and the requirements of other students:

  • If you would prefer a quiet flat (to live with other people who have mentioned this within their application)
  • The ages of people you wish to live with out of the following options: 20 and under, 21-25, 25-35 or over 35
  • If you would prefer to live on the ground floor
  • If you would prefer to live with people who do not drink alcohol
  • If you would prefer to live in specific kosher accommodation
  • You are also required to choose four interests out of the following: sport (type), music, social, clubs, pubs, shopping/fashion, culture, reading, TV/cinema, travel, art, drama/theatre, current affairs, outdoor, gaming and other

Am I able to bring a car?
At the most recent offer holder visit day, a number of students asked about parking on campus and whether they could bring a car. The University has a Sustainable Travel Plan and actively seeks to encourage green travel. In line with this, there is no parking available on either the Streatham or St Luke’s campuses (including Rowancroft) for resident students. Some off campus residences have limited parking spaces which are offered on a ballot basis upon arrival.

The university is accessible via train and bus with two train stations (ten minute walk from Streatham) and a bus station located within the city.

Next week’s blog will be answering your application questions.

Accomodation Catherine

2 thoughts on “Making an application

  1. If say you want a studio room and you choose same gender as your accommodation preference, will that hamper your chances of getting the studio room?

    • Dear Wenona,

      Thank you for your enquiry. It does not jeopardise your priority to get a studio if you put single gender however offering single gender accommodation within our studio residences is harder to manage because studio rooms are self-contained and students do not share any communal facilities.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

      Accommodation Office

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