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Prospective students joining us in September 2016 are now able to activate their accommodation account online in readiness for accommodation applications opening from 10:00am on Monday 11 April.

How do I activate my accommodation account?Capture
As long as you have a firm offer on a course at the University of Exeter to study in 2016/17 you are now able to login to the activate your accommodation account. You must click on the top left section which says ‘Activate your account [First Visit: Click here]’. Please see last week’s blogpost for information about what you need before you can activate an account.

What if a red ‘error’ message appears when I try to activate my account?
If you see a red error message then please check the following before contacting the Accommodation Office:

  • That your name starts with a capital letter and has no spaces at the end. It must be written as per your offer letter/email from the University of Exeter, especially if you have a double barrelled surname.
  • Your date of birth is entered as the full year e.g. ‘1997’ and not just ’97’.
  • Your nine digit student ID number has been written down correctly.
  • Postgraduate students are required to pay a tuition fee deposit before they can activate an account.
  • If you already have an account from a previous login attempt (maybe last year) please click on ‘reactivate my account‘ in the top left to proceed.

What if I am unable to create an accommodation account yet because I am waiting for a firm offer?
You are only able to create an accommodation account once your academic place has been confirmed and so you will need to wait for this before applying for accommodation.

Please review our guarantee and allocation policy for more details about the application process.

What should I do between now and submitting my application?
Please consider the following options before you submit an application for accommodation:

  • Choose your choices of residence – depending on what type of student you are, you may have upto 4 choices. These should be chosen in order e.g. your top preference should go as your first option. Please ensure that prior to applying that you have checked our website and looked at the different catered and self-catered options available as well as viewing our virtual tours.
  • Your top four interests – maybe you are a sporty person, a musical person or like socialising? No matter what your interest we will aim to match you with people who have similar interests to you. Creating great conversation starters for your very first day.
  • The ages of people you wish to live with.
  • If you wish to live in a mixed gender or same sex flat.
  • Whether you wish to live with quiet people.
  • Do you have a friend studying here at the same time and you wish to share a flat with them? There is an option for that – you just need to ensure that you both state the name and student number of each other.
  • A medical requirement which might need you to stay within one of our accessible rooms or maybe you require a room on the ground floor. Please discuss any options that you may have with our AccessAbility team who will be able to support your application.

How do I contact the Accommodation Office?
If you are receiving any difficulties or need any advice about activating an accommodation account and have read our FAQs, then you can contact the Accommodation Office between 9:00am-5:00pm Monday to Friday in the following ways:

  • Telephone – 0300 555 0444
  • Email –
  • Facebook –

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