Leaving your accommodation early?

It is that time of year where a number of our current students may have decided they do not need to remain on campus until the end of term and will choose to vacate their accommodation contract early. Please see some frequently asked questions below:

When does my contract end?
To find out your contract end date, please login to your accommodation account and see the dates within there. If you have forgotten your login details then you are able to reactivate your account in order to see the information. If you know your contract length but are unsure of your departure date please see the ‘lengths’ tab within terms and conditions.

Can I terminate my accommodation contract earlier than the end date?
When you accepted your accommodation contract, you entered into a legally binding contract with the University of Exeter which means that you will remain liable for the fees for the full period of your contract even if you do not reside in accommodation.  This is explained in clause 4.3 of the accommodation agreement and further details are also available in section 9 of the Residential Regulations.

We are therefore unable to terminate you from your contract unless another student can be found to take over your contractual obligations.  You can seek a replacement yourself but please note that the replacement must be a registered student of the University and must not be currently living in University accommodation.

You can advertise on the Studentpad messageboard and the university noticeboard. If you do find someone, you should advise the Accommodation Office of their name and student number, so we can confirm that they are a suitable replacement and make the necessary arrangements to transfer the contract over to this student and release you from your obligations. The student taking over will also need to contact us with your information to show that they agree to the take over the contract from you.

Will I be reimbursed or get a discount if I leave early?
If you decide to vacate your accommodation earlier than the contract end date, you will not be reimbursed or receive any discounts. You will remain liable for the accommodation fees unless you find another student to takeover the contract – as mentioned above. If you do find someone to takeover your contract, then you will be charged £115.00 for terminating your contract early and any funds due to be returned to you will be sent within 28 days of the new student taking over the obligations of the contract from you.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact 0300 555 0444 and ask for the Accommodation Office or email sid@exeter.ac.uk.

Accommodation Catherine

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