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This week’s accommodation blog is brought to you by guest blogger Helen from the Residence Life Team. Please see the information below for getting through exams:

When Term 3 starts, many of you will be sitting exams – in today’s blog post we’ll be providing a few of our top tips for success.

  • Take regular breaks from revision. It’s tempting to keep working, but it can be counterproductive if you work too hard – if you get to the point where you’re staring at your notes and not really seeing them, you aren’t achieving much. Remember, taking breaks is not a distraction from your work, it’s part of the work.
  • It can help to get some exercise – the outdoor pool at Cornwall House will be open from Friday 22 April, or the Fitness Trees at Birks and Lafrowda are a great option for an impromptu workout.
  • Your brain can’t operate efficiently without the right fuel, so make sure you stay hydrated and eat regular meals. (By ‘meals’, we mean actual food. Fruit and vegetables would be good here.) There are some great recipes on if you’re short of ideas.
  • If you find you’re getting stressed, Wellbeing have some great online resources for relaxation and mindfulness which might help you to feel calmer. Follow them on Twitter for lots more hints and tips.
  • The last thing you want is to jeopardise your mark by accidentally breaking a rule, so make sure you follow the Exam Guidelines – especially the rules about items (such as mobile phones and smart watches) which are not permitted in the exam hall.
  • If you’re struggling during the exam period, don’t forget you can talk to the Residence Life Team or Voice. Both services are made up of student team members with lots of experience of university life, who’d be happy to help.
  • Keeping noise levels to a minimum is particularly important in term 3. Exams will take place throughout the whole of May – so even when you’re ready to relax, other people are probably still revising. When you get to the finish line, please remember how you felt while you still had exams ahead of you, and be respectful of other people’s study by taking your celebrations into town. If you’re disturbed by noise during the exam period, don’t forget you can call Estate Patrol 24 hours a day.

Best of luck to everyone!

Finally, a quick recruitment update for next year. Applications are now open for Residence Life Team Leader roles – an application pack is available on the Residence Life Team website. Our friends in the Community Warden Team are also recruiting students to join their team next year and offer peer support to students living off campus – full details are available on My Career Zone. If you’re interested in either role, please do check out the links to find out more.

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