Q&A Part 2

Following on from our final Offer Holder Visit Day on Friday, we have some more of your frequently asked questions to answer including communal spaces for studios, moving rooms after arrival and paying your accommodation fees. We have also added some new images of a few residences to our Flickr collection, make sure you take a look.

Communal spaces in studios
Many students who are interested in applying for our studio accommodation often ask if there are shared communal spaces available within their residences for them to be able to meet with other students because studios are self-contained. In some of our residences with studios, we do have some communal spaces, please see where these are by visiting the communal areas on our website.

Within our recent live Facebook live chat, a student asked if studios were an isolated place and one of our current students responded with the following; “I have a few friends who all live in studios and they have still found it easy to meet with other people. You willl meet so many people who might be in your halls/ near you when you start your course so you’ll definitely meet people”.

Can I move rooms?
A number have asked what happens if they do not like their room, don’t get along with their flatmates or would prefer another residence once they have arrived with us. Well, room moves are possible after you arrive. The Accommodation Office aim to place students with others who share similar interests to them as per their accommodation application. If a student arrives and after a few weeks finds that they require a different room or residence, then a room move can be looked into based on our availability at the time. The Accommodation Office hold daily drop-in sessions throughout term time where students are able to come and see us and discuss any queries they may have. Please see our room move information for further details on this.

Accommodation fees
When we make you an offer of accommodation, we will advise you how much you will need to pay and when this will need to be paid by.

For University owned/managed accommodation, the annual fee is due in termly instalments, but it is essential that you check your accommodation agreement to confirm the details. Please note that the £300.00 accommodation deposit which is required in order to confirm your accommodation offer is due before the expiration date of your offer. The £300.00 deposit is not returned to you at the end of your contract because £150.00 is reduced from your second term’s fees and the remaining £150.00 is reduced your third term’s fees.

Remember, if you are allocated to one of our nominated residence, payment dates and the amount of deposit required may vary so you will need to check the offer you receive carefully to confirm these details.

Next week, we will be looking at more of your frequently asked questions. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook for instant updates.

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