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The blog this week is a guest blog brought to you by Shelby Moyer who is a Student Community Warden for the University of Exeter. She is looking at those who will be living within private housing next year and what to look out for and consider during this time:
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With the end of your first year and the dawn of second year comes not only academic changes but also the big move off campus and with it a place within the wider Exeter community. It is likely that the new responsibilities which come with it aren’t on your mind, so I thought I’d just leave my list of ‘Must Know’ for you here to give you that heads up I wish I had had.

Get on to first name terms and exchange phone numbers with them. They have the potential to be great new friends, regardless of age or lack of university enrolment. When you are in contact with your neighbours they are more likely to direct noise complaints directly to you so you can turn it down, rather than on to university services or the police.

Bin days
Rubbish can become the bane of your life in off campus housing, but is completely manageable if you know the days and rule of collections. By simply downloading the iExeter App you will be two clicks away from clear information on rubbish collection schedules.

On the homepage just click on the Bin day’s icon and type in your new postcode and up comes not only the day of your collection but the type of rubbish being collected that week. If your refuge has been left uncollected and you are unsure why, contact your Student Community Warden – details are at the end of this blog post.

This is not something you would think twenty something’s would complain about, but noise is a problem for all in the community at one point or another. Now that we’ve come to live in the greater community, we’ve taken on neighbours we don’t know, who we can’t change and a public presence is just outside your door. Transient noise affects you, yes, even if after reading this you said, “No, I’m always out at night or I sleep like a baby”. Just think that on the nights you happen to stay in, working on that essay last minute or are wanting an early night before a mid-term exam, that’s when it is there.

Noise isn’t an issue to just get angry about and grumble about whilst throwing another pillow over your head to try and drown it out, it’s something you have to counteract yourself by deciding to not partake in the post Timepiece walk home sing-song or calling after a friend as you run home in the cold. Just think about those around you.

Contact your Gas, electric and water providers as soon you move in. By checking your tariffs you can avoid surprise bills of enormous amounts arriving to your door. Make sure you choose the best payment scheme for your house. While contacting your provider you can choose between a monthly or quarterly plan. And with most providers now offering online payments you can each pay your share of the bill separately.

Second year housing is not all bills, bins and bad neighbours but a chance to get a taste of life in the real world and all whilst having a support system to help you get things right as you adapt.

You aren’t expected to just know how to do it all and that’s why teams like the Student Community Wardens are available to support you. They are made up of experienced students who just happen to have access to tips, contacts and programmes which can assist with any off campus student issue. In the coming weeks we will be at a stall in the Forum every Tuesday and are always contactable by emailing:.  Why not stop by or drop us an email if you have further queries on any student community related issues?

Thanks to Shelby for writing this week’s guest blog. Next week we will be back and updating you on the forthcoming open days and also information on moving out and staying safe whilst in your accommodation.

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2 thoughts on “Living in the community – A Guest Blog

  1. Hello
    I am Angarika Deb, from India.
    I will be joining University of Exeter, Penryn campus for my masters this September.
    I wanted to know about private housing options so I know which one will be cheaper and more convenient for me, staying on campus or off campus.
    Any information in this regard will be highly helpful.

    Thank you

    • Hi Angarika,

      Thank you for your enquiry. We have sent you a private email via our SID system with a useful list of private housing within the city.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

      Accommodation Office

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