Room availability – Postgraduates and Erasmus

From now until September all of our blog posts will be aimed at our prospective students joining us in September. This week we are looking at the availability of rooms for our postgraduate students and what is available for Erasmus students who are studying for one semester.

Postgraduate room availability
Applications for our guaranteed postgraduate students are being dealt with on a first come, first served basis. We have so far been able to send offers to those students who applied up until 14 June 2016. We have received a high demand of applications this year and due to this we now have limited availability within some of our residences. We are still accepting applications and International Postgraduates are guaranteed accommodation until our guarantee deadline of 31 July 2016. Please see below for information on which residences still have availability:

Please note that although we have limited availability within one 51 week residence and although accommodation contracts are unable to be extended we do have summer accommodation which will be available next year. This runs from June-September 2017 and alternative accommodation will be offered on a minimum contract length of four weeks. Our website provides further information, however, please note that the website shows availability and prices for 2015/16. Our summer accommodation may vary during 2016/17.

Home/EU Postgraduate students
We sent an email this week to our Home/EU Postgraduate students who are being held on our waiting list because they are not covered by our Accommodation Guarantee. At this stage we are unable to provide an update on whether we will have accommodation available to you. We hope to send a further update after 31 July 2016. Until this time, we strongly recommend that you look for private housing within the city. Please note that if you do secure private housing within the city, you can contact us and we will withdraw your accommodation application.

Erasmus students (one semester)
The university is unable to offer university-owned accommodation in 2016/17 to short-term Erasmus students, however, you will find a number of private housing options in and around the city. We have been made aware that the following rooms will be available:

  • The INTO residences at Duryard on the edge of campus have rooms available for one term (10 September to 10 December 2016). Please see your academic calendar for semester dates. For full details, prices and more information contact
  • The Kingfisher have studio rooms available for 18 weeks with contracts ending on 14 January 2016 at a cost of £210.00 per week. For full details, please see website.

Further information about this is available on our website including information on where to search.

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