Changing an offer and paying deposits

It’s a rather lengthy blog post this week as we look into offers which have been sent, how to pay your deposit and what to do if you wish to change your accommodation offer:

Semester one deposits
Are you studying for one semester only and have you been sent an offer? Please note that the £300.00 accommodation deposit is required in order to secure your booking for 2016/17. The £300.00 is then taken off of the accommodation fee total. If you have any queries about this then please do get in touch.

Unconditional firm offers and deposits
We began sending out offers of accommodation to undergraduate students who have an Unconditional Firm offer to study at the University of Exeter for 2016/17 and have submitted an application for accommodation on Thursday 30 June. These offers are being sent out in small batches and some of you may not receive an offer until this week so please bear with us. Please note that there is an expiry date of 5 days attached to the offer and you will need to accept the offer and pay your £300.00 accommodation deposit prior to the deadline in order to confirm your room booking for 2016/17. Students with an unconditional firm offer are not guaranteed one of their top four preferences and our guaranteed a bed space only. Please look at our ‘room allocation procedure‘ for further information on how we allocate rooms.

How to pay my deposit
For information on the different methods of payment we accept in order to pay your deposit, please view the ‘How to Pay‘ pages on our website. Please note that it can take up to 48 hours for a deposit to be processed. Your offer will not expire as long as you have accepted the contract. If you have not received a confirmation email after three days, please do not hesitate to contact us.

International Postgraduate students – not received your first preference?
Over sixty International Postgraduate students received offers of accommodation on Friday. As per our Accommodation Guarantee we are able to ‘offer accommodation to all new unaccompanied postgraduates from outside the EU, and encourage you to apply for accommodation by 31 July in your year of entry’. Applications from our International Postgraduate students are dealt with on a first come, first serve basis. This means that students applying prior to 31 July are guaranteed accommodation, however, we are unable to guarantee one of your top three preferences. Please see below for information on how this can be amended based on availability:

Changing your accommodation offer
If you have been sent an offer of accommodation which may not have been one of your top preferences or if you have since changed your preferences and now wish to be considered for an alternative residence, we recommend that you accept the offer and pay the £300.00 accommodation deposit in order to be guaranteed the offered room for September 2016. Once you have done this, please email us at: and ask to be placed on our waiting list for a more suitable room. Within the email, please include your nine digit student number, the residence you have been offered and the accommodation you wish to move to, including a reason why.

If another room becomes available prior to arrival, we will be able to make the room change and send a new offer. If a room does not become available before Freshers’ Week then you are will need to move into the room which you have accepted.

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