Guarantee deadline & Postgraduate availability

Guarantee deadline
If you are a prospective first year undergraduate or an International postgraduate student, have a firm course offer with the university and will be arriving with us in September 2016, please remember to submit your accommodation application by Sunday 31 July 2016 which is our guarantee deadline. All applications received by this date will be offered a bed space at the University of Exeter.

For undergraduate students, allocations are dealt with once you have an unconditional offer (i.e your academic place has been confirmed) and remember we do not take into consideration the date that you applied, where you are from, the course you are doing or your academic achievement when we make your allocation, but we do look at the information you have told us within your application form.

Postgraduate room availability
Our postgraduate accommodation is being allocated as we receive applications. Some of these residences are now full, but we have rooms available for those new students within our guarantee, so please make your application and we will send you an offer for you to consider. We have received a high demand of applications this year and due to this we now have limited availability within some of our residences. We are still accepting applications and International Postgraduates are guaranteed accommodation until our guarantee deadline of 31 July 2016. Please see below for information on which residences still have availability:

There are still a number of private housing options available within the city for you to consider also.

Accepting your accommodation offer
Do you want to accept your offer of accommodation but the ‘accept’ button is not available? Before the ‘accept’ button becomes live, you will need to tick the box which shows that you have read through the terms and conditions of the offer (see the image below). We are planning some more ‘how to’ videos in the next week and accepting your offer, completing the eInduction and booking your arrival slot will be added.

Click box




Why not keep up to date on what’s happening with offers and any frequently asked questions by liking our Facebook page. If you have a question, you can contact the Accommodation Office between 9:00am-5:00pm Monday to Friday.

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