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The Accommodation Guarantee Deadline was on 31 July and students who apply from 1 August 2016 are not guaranteed University of Exeter accommodation. To find out more about what this means for you, please see below:

Submitted an application for accommodation before 31 July
Please read the information below based on the type of student you are for 2016/17:

New Undergraduate student entering their first year with an Unconditional Firm offer:
If you have an unconditional academic offer from the University – i.e. you have all your results and had your place confirmed, please note that you should receive an offer of accommodation by Tuesday 16 August. If you have not received notification by this date, then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will look into it for you.

New Undergraduate student entering their first year with a Conditional Firm offer:
If you have a conditional academic offer from the University – i.e. you are waiting for exam results, please note that your application will be processed once the academic place is confirmed (i.e. after results are published). You are guaranteed a place in our accommodation and we will let you know exactly what accommodation we can offer you from Monday 22 August onwards and you should receive your offer before Wednesday 31 August.

New International Postgraduate/PhD
Your application will now be processed and we will let you know what accommodation we can offer to you by Friday 5 August 2016.

Applied from 1 August onwards
Applying after the guarantee deadline (31 July) means that we will consider your application and advise you if we can offer you accommodation. We will get back to you with an update towards the end of August, once we have confirmed how many rooms we still have available within our accommodation.

Already confirmed your accommodation with us?
If you have already accepted your accommodation offer and paid your deposit you will get and email from us this week telling you what you should do next and how you can complete your online eInduction and book your arrival slot. The induction needs to be completed before you can book an arrival slot. The induction will provide you with information about your arrival, your accommodation and the university.

Booking an arrival slot means that we will be expecting you and will be able to welcome you to your new home. We need to make sure that each student has enough time to unload their belongings, so if you’re coming by car, book an arrival slot and you’ll have 20 minutes to unload at your residence. After unloading, you can move your vehicle to somewhere else on campus where you can leave it for longer.

Look out for the email telling you that you can log on and use the system to read the induction and book an arrival slot so that you can have your choice of arrival day and time. We will also be providing ‘how to’ videos on how to do this within the next couple of days. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page throughout the week when these will be posted.

So, that should answer your questions about your application but if you have any other questions about arriving to University, do get in touch by telephoning on 0300 555 0444 or emailing us at

Accommodation Catherine

2 thoughts on “After the deadline

  1. I have not applied for a visa yet. Therefore, I am not sure that I would be able to make it to Exeter by the arrival week 9-11 September. I would like to know if I could still get a place.

    • Dear Linda,

      As soon as you have a firm offer on a course at the University of Exeter you will be able to apply for accomodation. Information about how to apply is available on our website:

      We are unable to guarantee that a room will become available and would therefore recommend an early application. It might be that you need to consider private housing. Information about this is available on our website:

      If you require any further assistance on this please email:

      Kind regards,

      Accommodation Office

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