Arrivals, induction and offers

Last week, we started sending out information to students who have a confirmed booking for our accommodation during 2016/17 advising them to complete the online induction and book their arrival slot ready for Arrivals Weekend. Please see below for further information on offers and arrivals:

Unconditional Firm Offers
Students who have recently had results and have an unconditional firm offer for the University of Exeter, are likely to receive an offer of accommodation by Friday 12 August. Please ensure that you check your emails during this time as all notifications of offers will be sent to your email address requesting you to login to your Accommodation Account. Please see our new ‘how to’ video about accepting an offer of accommodation below:

Further information about when you will hear can be found on our ‘When to apply’ pages within the drop down list.

Book your arrival slot and complete the online induction
Once you have received your Contract Formation Email, confirming your accommodation booking for 2016/17, the next email you will receive from the Accommodation Office will be advising you to complete your online induction and to book your arrival slot. Please note that you are unable to book your arrival slot without completing the induction first. We have created some ‘how to’ videos about this which are now available to access. Please see below:

All accommodation videos can be viewed via our YouTube playlist.

Do you require an alternative offer of accommodation?
For students who have been sent an offer of accommodation, but wish to be considered for an alternative residence, we recommend that you accept your current offer and pay your £300.00 accommodation deposit to guarantee a room for 2016/17.

Once you have received confirmation of your booking, please email the Accommodation Office advising us of the residence you wish to be considered for. Your request will then be added to our pre-arrival waiting list*. If we are able to offer you your requested accommodation, we will contact you to confirm. If you do not hear from us prior to your arrival, then please arrive to your confirmed residence.

*The pre-arrival waiting list will only be in use until the Arrivals Weekend. Following on from this date, once students have arrived to their accommodation, they will need to submit a request to move form online. Information about this will be provided through this blog and on our Facebook page during September.

What to bring
We have recently updated our two useful checklists for both catered and self-catered accommodation to advise you of what you should bring with you to your accommodation upon arrival:

Please note that there are many items including starter packs and bedding packs available through Click2Campus (please check your residence’s webpage for bed sizes). These packs can be delivered to your accommodation reception in time for your arrival.

Next week’s blog post on Tuesday will be the start of our daily blog posts which will run Monday-Friday from Tuesday 16 August – Friday 9 September.

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