Room numbers, nominations and the waiting list

High volume of calls/emails
The Accommodation Office received a high volume of calls yesterday and some callers were held in our queue for up to 15 minutes. We will notify you on the Facebook page when the queues are busy. We can be contacted until 6:00pm throughout this week. If you are experiencing a longer wait within the queue then we are able to be contacted in the following ways:

  • Email us at:
    (response time approximately two working days)
  • Send a message to the University of Exeter Accommodation Facebook page (response time approximately one working day)

Room number
Many of you have been asking what your room number will be. Your offer of accommodation will be for a specified residence and will show the block. We are unable to provide students with their room numbers until they arrive at the University of Exeter over Arrivals Weekend. We are unable to provide you with your room number prior to then because these are subject to change as we continue the allocations process.

The ‘Pre-Arrival’ waiting list
Students who have been sent an offer which they are unhappy with and who have asked to go on our pre-arrival waiting list, please note that you will need to accept your offer of accommodation and pay your £300.00 deposit in order to be guaranteed that room. We will then add your details to our pre-arrival waiting list, should a more suitable room become available prior to your arrival. We will notify you by email if we are able to send a new offer.

The pre-arrival waiting list will only be in use until the Arrivals Weekend (9 – 11 September). Following on from this date, if we have been unable to move you into another room, you will need to move into your current room which has been offered to you. From 9 September, you will need to submit a ‘request to move’ form through SID Online. The Accommodation Office will look at the waiting list and begin possible room moves from Monday 3 October. This allows students time to settle in and get to know their flat mates.

Paying deposit and booking my arrival
For information on paying your accommodation deposit, completing the online eInduction and booking your arrival slot, please view our blog post which went live on 23 August.

Contact details of nominated residences
If you are offered accommodation in Northfield, Point Exe or Printworks although you have been allocated by the University of Exeter, your contract will be with that specific residence. The contact details for these residences are available on our website under the ‘other’ tab. Please see below for instant contact information:

  • Northfield (Unite Students) –

    Telephone: 01392 213566

  • Point Exe (Campus Living Villages)
    Telephone: 01392 213545
  • Printworks (Victoria Hall Management)
    Telephone: 01392 499920

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