OHVD – Part three Q&A

We haven’t had an Offer Holder Visit Day (OHVD) this week but we have received a number of questions about our accommodation via Facebook, or telephone. The next OHVD will take place on Wednesday 15 March. This week we are looking at parking on campus, returning students accommodation, activating an accommodation account and finding out what the inside of our accommodation looks like:

Is there parking available on campus?
The University has a Sustainable Travel Plan and actively seeks to encourage green travel. In line with this, there is no parking available on either the Streatham or St Luke’s campuses (including Rowancroft) for resident students unless they have a Blue Badge. Some of our off campus residences have limited parking spaces, however, these are offered to students on a ballot basis. We would therefore recommend that students do not bring their cars to university because we are within easy walking distance of the city centre (from both campuses), students receive subsidised Stagecoach bus travel to and fro the university and we are within close walking distance to the two mainline train stations within the city (St Davids and Central).

Please note that during Arrivals Weekend, students are provided with a twenty minute time slot in order to park a car outside their residence, unload belongings and then move the car elsewhere on campus to finish unloading their items. The car must then be removed by the end of the day in order to allow access to other students.

Am I able to apply for university accommodation in my second and third year?
At this stage, we are unable to confirm whether there will be any accommodation for returning students for the 2018/19 academic year. This year, we have only been able to accommodate students who have a supported medical application. We therefore encourage students to search for private accommodation within the city. To coincide with this, we work closely with the Students Guild to hold an Accommodation Fair in November whereby students are able to meet with the Guild, landlords and private providers within the city to see what accommodation is available. This is also the same day that adverts go live on the Studentpad website. Further information about searching for private accommodation is available within our 7 February blog post.

How can I see what the inside of residences look like?
We have a number of images of our accommodation available within our Flickr Accommodation Collection. As well as this we also have a number of 360° virtual tours of bedrooms, communal areas and dining halls. You can spin the camera around to see how the inside of residences look. By clicking on the camera symbol, you are able to view additional images also.

Can I create an Accommodation Account now?
Students who have firmly accepted an academic offer at the University of Exeter as their first choice will be able to create an Accommodation Account during early April in preparation for the applications opening on Monday 10 April 2017 from 10:00am. More information about creating an accommodation account and exactly when you will be available to do this will be in our blog post on Tuesday 28 March as well as providing useful ‘how to’ videos.

Next week we will be advising you on accommodation which is close to St Lukes and Streatham and also what to do if you have an allergy/intolerence but are thinking of living in catered halls

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