Accommodation Q&A Part 1

Over the past couple of weeks we have taken part in a live Facebook Q&A session with some of our offer holders joining us in 2017. This week’s blog is answering some of the common questions which were asked during the day:

How can I find my student ID number?
As we mentioned in last week’s blog post  , you will need your nine digit student ID number ready before applying for accommodation. This year, student numbers are likely to start with a ’66’ or ’67’. This is not your UCAS ID number. It may also be known as a ‘University of Exeter Reference Number’ and will be found on the offer letter you received from the University of Exeter. Our Admissions Team have sent emails to all students with an offer over the last few weeks and your student number is located underneath the University of Exeter logo. You will not be able to activate an accommodation account using your UCAS ID number.

How do I know if my application has been received?
You will receive a confirmation email which will confirm that your application has been received by the Accommodation Office. If you click on the ‘My Application/Booking’ tab within the Accommodation Account, as long as your application is showing as ‘submitted’ then this has been received by us. For further information on this, please see our ‘Track your application‘ pages for further information about the application states. To find our more about creating an accommodation account or applying for accommodation, please see our ‘how to videos‘. These provide examples of the emails which will be sent to you.

Which residence is closest to my college?
Not all lectures for a specific college will take place in that particular academic building and the location of your lectures may vary. We therefore recommend that students look at the type of accommodation they would prefer and base their choices on the individual residences. If being close to your college is particularly appealing to you then you can find out more about it’s location and what’s nearby by visiting our interactive map.

When are we able to move in to our accommodation?
Arrivals weekend takes between Friday 15 – Sunday 17 September 2017 in preparation for Freshers’ Week which is between Monday 18 – Friday 22 September 2017.

All accommodation contracts will start on 17 September and arrival times to residences are spread out across that weekend. Arrival slots need to be booked in advance in order for you to book a 20 minute parking space outside of your residence to unload your belongings. After this 20 minutes, you will be redirected to an available parking space located nearby. We will be advising students via our Facebook page, our website and this blog once the arrivals booking system is open for students to book their arrival time with us. This is likely to be during August 2017.

Next week we will be answering more of your frequently asked questions.

Accommodation Catherine

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