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This week, we are updating you when you are likely to receive an offer of accommodation. You can also find a little more out about the city of Exeter and see what award the university has recently won:

When will I receive an offer?
Please see our website which provides you with information on when you will receive an offer for accommodation. We have split it into different categories, depending on the type of student that you are. At present, we are currently allocating rooms to our postgraduate students and we are likely to send offers to them during June. You can use our ‘track your application‘ webpage in order to see what is happening with your application at the moment.

I am an undergraduate with Unconditional Firm offer, when will I hear?
Those students who have deferred their place at the University of Exeter and already have their results or any students with an Uncondtional Firm offer, you will receive an offer by the end of June/beginning of July as long as you have submitted an application for accommodation by the end of May.

How do I apply for accommodation?
We strongly encourage students who wish to apply for accommodation for 2017/18 to take a look at the following prior to beginning their application:

winner-international badgeWhatuni Student Choice Awards 2017: International
We are delighted to announce that the University of Exeter has won the Whatuni award under the International category.  This shows that the university is popular with international students, with students attending from over 140 countries. The award states that “With links to several other universities across the globe, Exeter clearly looks after their international students”. Find out more on their website.

Exeter in the spotlight
The Guardian has written an article titled “Exeter in the spotlight: flattened by air raids, rebuilt by rugby and indie rock”. Take a look to see what the city of Exeter has in store for you.

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