Exams and moving on

Exams are now in full swing and we would recommend you all take a look at last week’s blog post to familiarise yourself with some wellbeing advice to see you through the next few weeks. This week, we are looking at what else is available to support you during the stressful exam season and also what to do if you’re considering moving out early.

Exam rest and study spaces
Do you want a rest from the revision and to take a break from the computer screen? The Students’ Guild have now got a ‘Flop Zone’ which is based in the A&V Conference Room and is the ultimate chill out space and will be running all next week to help you de-stress in a comfortable, calming, bean-bag filled environment! This is running until Friday 19 May.

Alongside this, the Guild have been looking at various Student Study Spots throughout the city to allow students to study in a comfy seat, have a group study session or to save working through the hustle and bustle of the library.

Moving Out
A newsletter was sent to all current students living within our self-catered (40 and 42 week) and our catered residents last week providing information on what to do if you are moving out earlier than your departure date. Students living within our 44 and 51 week contracts will receive a newsletter in either June or August.

Please refer to this newsletter for information. We have updated our residence reception pages with information about where to return your keys out of hours.

Still searching for private accommodation?
There are still rooms and shared houses available on the Studentpad website for those of you looking for accommodation from September. If you require any advice or assistance when looking for private accommodation, please look at our website for further information.

If you are struggling to find other housemates then check out how to become a sharer or find sharers by logging in to the Studentpad Message Board. We also recommend that you post an advert or look through current adverts on the University Noticeboard.

The Students Guild Advice Unit offer a free contract-checking service. You can send an electronic to the team via email at: or alternatively drop by and visit them on Level +1 of the Forum adjacent to Devonshire House. They are open between 10:00am-3:00pm Monday to Friday. For any other queries, please telephone them on 01392 723520.

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