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134StudentHouse170531Matt AustinOffers of accommodation are being sent out, so please refer to last week’s blog post to see what is going out when. Information for our Home/EU postgraduate students and Semester One students can be found below. This week we are also looking at the private accommodation options within the city.

Short term Study Abroad, International Exchange and Erasmus students

Students who are joining us as part of a Study Abroad and International Exchange programme for one semester and have applied for accommodation then we will be sending you an update on your application by no later than Friday 23 June.

Home/EU Postgraduate students

If you are a Home/EU postgraduate student then you are not covered by our Accommodation Guarantee. We will be providing you with an update on whether your application has been successful by the end of June.
Private accommodation in the city for 2017/18
There is a misconception that students are required to live in University of Exeter accommodation for their first year. This is not the case at all ast students can either live at home and commute, live in a shared house/flat or choose to live in purpose-built accommodation in the city. Private accommodation within the city centre includes the following:

  • Purpose-built private halls of residence through larger providers.
  • Shared houses and flats through private landlords.
  • Shared houses and flats through student letting agencies.

Adverts for 2017/18 are now available on the university property search engine at: which include short-term and PGCE lettings. We encourage you to visit our dedicated webpage for private accommodation prior to beginning your search. This link provides information and advice about searching for accommodation within the city. For any further information then please refer to our blog post.

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The Accommodation Office has it’s own Facebook page. We update this at least three times a week with useful information for you. It’s also an additional place for us to be contacted between 9:00am-5:00pm Monday to Friday.

Please note that the Accommodation Office will be out of the office on Wednesday 21 June as we will be undertaking our Community Challenge Day at Hospiscare. We will return at 9:00am on Thursday 22 June.

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