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We have been busy sending more offers out recently to undergraduate students with an unconditional firm offer and will continue to send these out over the next few weeks. As well as this, we have sent offers to international postgraduate students who applied for accommodation up until Sunday 18 June. If you are unhappy with your offer, then please see below for what to do:

Am I guaranteed one of my top preferences?
Within our Accommodation Guarantee we are able offer a bed space within our residences, however, we are unable to guarantee that an offer will be one of your top preferences or an on-campus room. If you have received an offer that is not one of your preferences then this is likely to be because we have a number of residences where the volume of applications exceeds the number of rooms available. Your application will have been considered for your top preferences, however, if the rooms have already been allocated to other students we will then send you an offer for the next available residence/room type. If you wish to discuss the offer made to you, please contact us on 0300 555 0444 or by emailing: .

Please remember that applications from international postgraduate students are dealt with on a first come, first served basis.

If I don’t get my top preference, who will I be living with?
If you have not been given or do not get sent an offer for one of your top preferences then please do rest assured that we  will have spent the time to match you with other students who share the same interests and preferences as you. For example if you have advised us that you are interested in music, drama and reading then the likelihood is that you have been placed in a flat with other students who have mentioned some of these interests also. To find out more about how we allocate rooms, please see our Room Allocation Procedure.

Do you wish to move rooms?
If after reading the above information, you still wish to move room or be considered for an alternative residence, then please do the following in order to be added to our waiting list. Please note that if you reject your offer then you may not be reconsidered for our accommodation and may need to consider private housing:

  • In order to be guaranteed your current offer, at the very least, please accept the current offer of accommodation and pay your £300.00 accommodation deposit. Please read our cancellation policy in advance.
  • Once you have accepted the offer and paid your deposit please email: with the word ‘Accommodation’ written in the title. Within the email, please notify us that you have accepted your offer and wish to be placed on the waiting list. Please include either one or two residences that you wish to be considered for.
  • We will then respond to your email, advising you that your details are on our waiting list. Please note that we are unable to guarantee if a room move will be available.
  • If we are able to move you to an alternative residence, we will contact you prior to your arrival. If you wish to move still then we will send a new offer of accommodation.
Short term Study Abroad, International Exchange and Erasmus students

In last week’s blog we stated that students who are joining us as part of a Study Abroad and International Exchange programme for one semester and have applied for accommodation that we would be sending you an update by Friday 23 June. Unfortunately we are still reviewing these applications and will therefore be able to send an update to you this week, by no later than Friday 30 June. We appreciate your patience during this time.

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