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Today we are providing information to those who have applied from 1 August when they are likely to receive an update on their application. Remember our Accommodation Office is open between 8:30am – 6:00pm all this week to answer any queries you may have. Please telephone 0300 555 0444 or email us at: sid@exeter.ac.uk
Undergraduate students – applied within the guarantee?
This week we are sending out offers for those students who applied within our Accommodation Guarantee. If you applied between 10 April – 31 July and are covered by our Guarantee then offers will be sent out from today. These offers will be sent out in batches right up until Friday 25 August. Please note, we do not send all room offers out for a particular residence on the same day, they are staggered throughout the week in order to not overload our accommodation system.
You will be notified by email once your offer is available. This is the email address which you entered when you activated your accommodation account. Please have a look at our ‘How to accept an offer of accommodation‘ video for a step by step guide on what to do once you receive your offer.
If you are allocated to one of our nominated residences, we will advise you by email and then the provider of the accommodation will contact you about the contractual arrangements.
Undergraduate students who applied for accommodation between 1 August – 21 August?
If you have applied for accommodation from 1 August onwards and up until 21 August then we anticipate that we will be able offer you accommodation in University residences. Currently, most of our available rooms are in City centre locations in standard self-catered accommodation.
If you have not yet applied, please take a look at our ‘Applying from 1 August onwards‘ webpage to be updated on availability and submit an application form to us so that we can consider your request.
We will be sending offers or updating students who applied from 1 August, from 29 August onwards by email.
International postgraduate students
We have sent offers to most international students who applied by 16 August so please check your email to confirm that an offer has been made to you.
If you have applied since then, we will be considering your applications and sending an offer of accommodation next week. Please have a look at our ‘How to accept an offer of accommodation‘ video for a step by step guide on what to do once you receive your offer.
Induction and arrivals booking system currently closed
Students who have already confirmed their accommodation booking for 2017/18 and have received an email advising them to complete the online induction and book their accommodation arrival slot, please note that system is now closed and will re-open this weekend. We will update you on its availability via this blog and through our Facebook page when it is available again.
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