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We are now in the final week before you arrive with us this weekend. Throughout this week, we will be providing you with information about your arrival, so please keep checking this blog for information and updates. Today, we have realised that a number of students are asking why we do not give room numbers out prior to your arrival. Please see below for information about this and to see how we allocate rooms:

Why don’t I get my room number?
We are aware that many of you are now able to see your room numbers upon completing your online registration. Please note that these room numbers are still subject to change until you arrive with us and receive your room key. Your residence and block will remain unchanged.

Room numbers are provisional in case we have to move students around prior to their arrival. Reasons for moving students could be due to students maybe choosing to defer their place and flats being left with an uneven gender mix which would need to be resolved. It could potentially occur if someone has broken their leg prior to arrival and needs to move to a ground floor room for ease etc. This is one of the reason that we do not provide room numbers until you have collected your key.

Who will I be living with?
When you originally applied for accommodation we asked you to enter at least four interests e.g. sports, music, drama etc. When we allocated you to your room, we look at the information you have provided us with about your interests/hobbies, as well as checking whether a single/mixed gender flat or a quiet flat etc is required and if one is available. Therefore, if you have advised us that you are interested in music, drama and reading then the likelihood is that you have been placed in a flat or corridor with other students who have mentioned some of these interests also. To find out more about how we allocate rooms, please see our Room Allocation Procedure.

Current Students
Once you have arrived in your accommodation this weekend, you will be classed as a ‘current student’ so make sure you look at our dedicated webpages which provides you with easy access to your residents handbook and our ‘residents information’ webpages.
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