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With Arrivals Weekend on the horizon, we wanted to make you all aware of some things to look into prior to your arrival with us. Today we are looking at the insurance available within our accommodation and also how you can register with StudentCom for your internet.

Endsleigh insurance
The University of Exeter provides a basic level of insurance cover within the cost of accommodation. We strongly recommend that prior to arrival you check the policy details because it is important to find out exactly what you are covered for, as you may find that the contents cover is not sufficient and you need to extend it to protect all of your possessions both inside and outside of your room. In order to do this, please visit Endsleigh and enter one of the below policy numbers:

Upon entering one of the policy numbers, you will be able to:

  • Check what is covered
  • Check key exclusions and limitations
  • Check your policy excess
  • Check how to make a claim
  • Extend and personalise your cover to protect laptops, phones, musical instruments and other valuables

We recommend that you also view the 2017/18 Certificate of Insurance prior to your arrival.

Registering with StudentCom
In order to receive high-speed wired and wireless internet whilst you are in University of Exeter accommodation or to arrange a television package or telephone package to your room this is provided through StudentCom. All students will need to register with StudentCom prior to arriving with us. If you register with StudentCom before 30 September 2017, you will be able to receive 10% off advertised broadband prices by quoting BB4LESS10 in the basket. If you have any queries about StudentCom then please contact them directly.

StudentCom userguides
The StudentCom  user guides are now available in 8 languages which include: Arabic, Cantonese, French, Greek, Italian, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish. Please view their website to download your copy.

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