Who do I live with next year?

We have noticed the buzz around the university and have been asked by students “who should I live with next year?” Well, take a look below and we’ll let you know how to decide and where to look for room mates:

Who do I live with?
Poppy Barr, a current student has helped us out with a guide on ‘Accommodation in the city‘. Within her video she explains who she lives with and why she made that choice. The options you have to consider are:

  • Live on your own – it’s OK to want your own space. There a number of purpose-built halls, similar to university residences which you can rent on a room only basis. See a list of these on our website.
  • Live with your course mates  – obviously you’re going to be studying together, so why not live together too and always have someone on hand with a question about ‘that essay’.
  • Live with your current flat mates – you’ve spent the last few months with each other and will know how you currently get on and whether you’ll work together.
  • Society friends – If you’ve joined a club or society, why not consider living with them. It’s always good sharing hobbies with each other?
  • Mix and match – If you have lots of people you want to live with from the list above, why not just ask them? Take the lead and see where their thoughts are.
  • Mix it up and meet new people – see the options below about where to find new people…

At the end of the day, it is YOUR decision and your choice, so choose wisely. Just remember that if you are accepting a contract in the next few weeks then you will be tied in to that contract for the duration of the year. So you will want to make sure that the people you live with are right as it’s not easy to terminate a contract once accepted.

Take a look at the Students’ Guild video for advice and information. Also pop along to their ‘Paperwork pop-up’ event in The Forum on 14 November between 10:00am-1:00pm to get advice about contracts.

Finding flat mates – online
Our Studentpad website has a ‘room mate finder’ facility where you can register your details in order to find other students who are looking to share private housing. So if you don’t know who to live with or are maybe away on a gap year then take a look and register your details to find other housemates. You can do this via the Studentpad Message Board. We also recommend that you post an advert or look through current adverts on the University Noticeboard.

Finding flat mates – in person
The Students’ Guild have two flat mate finder events taking place in Pieminister on both the 14th and 27th November between 6:30pm-8:30pm. If you’re not sure who to live with or need to fill a spare room then pop along to meet other people in your situation and others looking for a room. These events have been really successful in the past.

Accommodation Catherine

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