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It is that time of yeaer where exams are upon us and students whose exams finish earlier than June think about leaving their accommodation early. Find out more about this and what your contract states:

Can I terminate my accommodation contract earlier than the end date?
When you accepted your accommodation contract, you entered into a legally binding contract with the University of Exeter which means that you will remain liable for the fees for the full period of your contract even if you do not reside in accommodation.  This is explained in clause 4.3 of the accommodation agreement and further details are also available in section 9 of the Residential Regulations.

We are therefore unable to terminate you from your contract unless another student can be found to take over your contractual obligations.  You can seek a replacement yourself but please note that the replacement must be a registered student of the University and must not be currently living in University accommodation.

You can advertise your room on the Studentpad messageboard. If you do find someone, you should advise the Accommodation Office of the following information which we will require from both students by emailng: .

Your email will include:

  • The name of the student wishing to take over the contract
  • The nine digit student number of the student wishing to take over the contract
  • Confirmation that you wish for the above student to takeover your contract
  • The date you will vacate (ideally not a Saturday/Sunday)
  • The date the new student will arrive (please note if you will be moving out and arriving on the same day, then you would need to vacate your room by 10:00am and the new student would be expected to arrive after 4:00pm)

The student wishing to takeover your contract’s email to us with the following:

  • Your name
  • Your nine digit student ID number
  • Confirmation that the student wishes to take over your contract
  • The date you will vacate
  • The date the student wishes to arrive

Moving rooms
If you wish to move rooms in your last term, then as long as we have availability, this can be arranged for you. There is a £50.00 movement charge if you are moving from University of Exeter accommodation. See our website for further information or pop in and see us at our drop-in sessions. We are available 11:00am-1:00pm Monday to Thursday in the Forum via SID.

Term three fees
Accommodation fees for term three are due on Monday 7 May. Find out how to pay for this on our website. If you paid a £300.00 deposit at the start of the year for your University of Exeter accommodation then please remember to deduct £150.00 of this from your payment total.

Bank Holiday closure
The Accommodation Office will be closed for the Bank Holiday on Monday 7 May. Our drop-in will not be running on this day. We will re-open from 9:00am on Tuesday 8 May.

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