Moving out of private accommodation

This weeks blog has been guest written for us and provides information about moving out of your private residence for the summer.

Insurance for next year
Whilst you are living in university accommodation, your insurance was provided by Endsleigh and you were covered for many items. Please remember that if you are moving to a private residence in the city next year to check if insurance will be provided. If not, make sure you book some insurance to ensure your belongings are protected.

The below information has been provided by Sophie Parker – Community Liaison Officer.Moving out
When you move out of your accommodation please remember to keep the noise levels down and be mindful of your neighbours.

If you’re living off campus then don’t forget about our Students on the Move scheme which runs every year in June and July to help students recycle as much as possible. This scheme highlights free extra refuse collections and also provides more information about ways to donate your unwanted/no longer needed items to charity.

Student Community Wardens
If you are moving into private accommodation next year our Student Community Wardens are here to support you. The wardens conduct ‘walkabouts’ in their area and can help you with any community queries that you may have.

If you would like to receive information from the Student Community wardens about security marking your valuables, weekly stalls in the forum, a link to the new community guide and seasonal promotions then please email and we can add you to the circulation list.

When moving into your accommodation please remember that you can check the iExeter app to see what bin collection cycle your street is on. This is very easy to do and will ensure you that your rubbish is taken at the correct time so you’re not left with lots of refuse.

If you find that you have inherited a load of waste from the previous tenants then you can challenge this with your landlord/letting agent or alternatively contact and they can help with this issue. Unfortunately the council won’t take extra waste from your bin so it is important that this issue is sorted out as soon as you move into your new property.

We take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you again in September.

Community Sophie

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