Results in July and UF offers

There are a number of students who receive their results in July and therefore will know if they will be studying at the University of Exeter much earlier than those awaiting A-Level results mid-August. Our blog post today is updating those of you who receive results early and those students with an unconditional firm offer and when you are likely to receive your offer:

International Baccalaureate (IB), BTEC and INTO results
Students studying an IB will receive their results on 5 July and those studying on a BTEC course will receive results on 15 July whilst students who are studying on an INTO course will receive confirmation of their academic place in early July. If you have already applied for accommodation at the University of Exeter then you will receive your offer of accommodation by the beginning of August. See our ‘how to accept an offer‘ video for information on what to do once you receive an offer.

If you have not yet applied for accommodation but know that you are coming to the University of Exeter, then as long as you apply by 31 July you will fall under our Accommodation Guarantee. Please see our website for further information on how to apply.

Undergraduate students with an Unconditional Firm offer
We have started to send offers out to students who have applied for accommodation and their university status is ‘Unconditional Firm’. If you have not heard yet, then please don’t panic as we will be sending them throughout this week. Once these offers have been sent, we will process any applications which have been submitted or had confirmation of an academic place since last week and will continue to send out offers throughout July and August. If you are unsure when these offers are going out then do check in with our Facebook page to find out the exact date that these will be sent.

Received an offer for University of Exeter accommodation?
If you have received an offer of accommodation then you will have to pay a £300.00 accommodation deposit if you are living in University of Exeter accommodation. Please note it can take up to two working days for this to show up on our system. This does not come through instantly.

Your room booking will be confirmed with us once a ‘Contract Formation Email’ has been sent. If you have not received this after four working days of paying your accommodation deposit then please contact us and we can look into this for you. Find out more about your deposit and what this goes towards on our website.

Received an offer for a nominated city residence?
If you have been allocated to one of our nominated residences at: Northfield, Northernhay House, Point Exe or The Printworks then they will be in touch with you directly about any deposits or fees due as these do vary from company to company.

If you have a question then the Accommodation Office can be contacted between 9:00am-5:00pm Monday to Friday.

Accommodation Office

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